Christian artist Zauntee is making a lasting impression on young adults with his unique style and powerful lyrics that speak to faith in Jesus Christ.

He’s determined to empower young people with his uplifting and hopeful songs, encouraging them to rise up and find strength in God.

Zauntee is a songwriter, rapper, and producer based in Tampa, Florida. Born in 1999, he started writing songs at age ten and producing at fourteen. What makes Zauntee stand out from other Christian artists is how he uses music to challenge the norms of society by giving young people an opportunity to reject what culture says they are “supposed to be.”

Through his music, Zauntee wants people to see God’s power working in their lives, seek truth through spiritual guidance, and live boldly despite the obstacles they face on their faith journey. His new single “Oxygen” is a powerful anthem that encourages us to take back control and breathe in the hope that comes from believing in Jesus Christ.

‘I’ve been praying about how to build up to the video for this song,’ says Zauntee. ‘It’s a bit controversial. I remember climbing up this staircase to a platform where I could see the city. I was just standing there, and I heard this phrase, strippers need oxygen. As I kept praying about it, I realised that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or what your background is, human beings are tied together by our need for oxygen.’

Zauntee believes that a lot of Christians are actually afraid to represent Christianity, even though they know Jesus is the answer. Not everyone is willing to embrace the message of love and grace that comes with following Jesus. ‘But I can try and publicly show the world what it means to follow Jesus in my prayers, and hope that others are inspired to as well.’

2021 was a particularly tough year for Zauntee, and he says he really felt like giving up. ‘There have been multiple times in my career where it’s just been hard to trust God,’ he says. And I wrote the song Oxygen because I made a decision to be content and just say to God, I need you. You’re my oxygen.’

While the video for “Oxygen” may be a bit confronting, Zauntee wanted to create a visual representation of what he was going through when he wrote the song. ‘I heard the Holy Spirit say, you stand on My sacrifice.  I felt like I was drowning, and I had no clarity on what was next in my life. I didn’t want to sink back into depression, so I just had to desperately breathe God in.’

The Bible verse Zechariah 3:7 has been a source of inspiration and motivation for Zauntee, serving as a reminder that God is with him and will help him through anything. ‘God was talking to Zechariah about the throne room, and He gave him an ultimatum. He says, if you choose to follow me and put me first, I’ll give you direct access to those standing here. And I believe He is saying the same thing to all of us too. I’m trying to put God first and make songs that are directly inspired by him.’

Zauntee believes what matters is that we find out what God wants us to do, and then do it. ‘It’s your responsibility to be faithful with what He’s given you. That’s what I’m trying to do in my life as well.’