Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

Your ‘go’ ground


‘All authority on earth has been given to me, therefore go and make disciples.’ These are some of the most famous and most quoted words that Jesus ever spoke, but so often we can be intimidated by them because we don’t really know where we’re supposed to ‘Go’. We spend our lives looking to the future, telling ourselves that when we’re older we’ll go to Africa, build an orphanage and become a helper of the hurting and broken. Or we look at the people who seem to be doing amazing things for God and we compare ourselves and end up feeling rubbish, we feel defeated before we’ve set foot out the door. But what if when Jesus said ‘Go’ he didn’t mean you have to leave the country! And do you really need to wait until you’ve got a certificate in orphanage building before you can do anything for God? What if Jesus was just setting a challenge to look at the immediate world around you, and see where you could ‘Go’ and get involved in peoples lives and see them touched by God? Are you saying to yourself, ‘Go where’? Well you can start with your school, your college, your family, your mates. If you pause right now how many people can you think of who need to know that God loves them? He’s given you a good heart full of His love, a mouth to tell them about Him and legs so you can walk up to them and start a chat. Those people are your ‘go’ ground. Live for today, not tomorrow. Take every opportunity to ‘Go’.

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