Despite the challenges of Covid, singer Cade Thompson is as committed as ever to his music. Based in Nashville, he’s just released his first studio album, ‘The Bigger Story’. His sound is both soulful and energetic, and his music speaks to believers and mainstream audiences alike.

Cade says that things are slowly returning to normal in the States, and that has meant being able to go back on tour. There are still restrictions in place, but Cade and his band are making the most of every opportunity.

‘We go from state to state and adapt to whatever regulations they have,’ says Cade. ‘But I’m just so thankful to be able to tour because I believe that music is so powerful for people in these times.’

Cade has been humbled by the reaction to the release of The Bigger Story, which has already been streamed over 30 million times. ‘It’s been really cool to see God use the power of music to reach people, and I have a goal in my life to provide hope through the Gospel every single day.’

Cade is very proud of the album and says that some the songs were written while he was still in High School. ‘There’s been a lot of growth since then, but I just wanted to share that we’re all in a bigger story called life, and we have a better hero and his name is Jesus.’

Cade believes that it’s important that we look to our past, our present, and our future to see God in all the moments. ‘I tried piece this record together as a story. There were many moments when I needed to declare those promises over my own life through these songs. And so many people have related to that.’

One of Cade’s favourite songs on the album is Source of Life. It was a song written out of a time when he felt like he had no more words left to say. But Cade realised that nothing could ever truly satisfy him other than Jesus. ‘He is the way, the truth and the life, and that is what led me to write that song.’

Cade is currently working on some new music, and his message to his audience is that it’s never too late. ‘We wonder if our mistakes are too much to ever receive the love of God. But it’s never too late. We all sin and fall short of His glory, but the hope is that we can be transformed forever.’

In the craziness we live in, it can be difficult to keep our eyes on Jesus. One thing Cade does is have a good balance of social media. ‘There’s all these voices trying to speak to us, but the only voice that matters is the voice of truth. And that’s the voice of Jesus Christ. That’s the voice that we can trust.’

Cade also believes in the importance of being in community. ‘I would really say community and accountability are key. Praise God, we have things like Zoom. Make sure you get connected and don’t isolate yourself.’

Cade was raised in church, and he says it always felt like a second home to him. The reflection of that life through his parents shaped his faith and ultimately led him to choose to follow Jesus.

‘But going to church is not what makes you a Christian,’ he says. ‘There was a moment for me in middle school where I said, Lord, I don’t want to go through the motions. I need this faith to be my own.’

Cade surrendered his life to Jesus, along with his hopes, dreams and passions. After that moment, God began to put the dream of music on his heart, and he had to stay faithful. It was one moment after the next.

‘I always knew about God,’ Cade says, ‘but the moment my life changed forever was when I experienced Him for myself.’

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