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It was a quiet night in watching Netflix that prompted Dom, wife Laura and Dom’s sister Rachel to form their band, ‘The Sations.’ Dom says he and Laura wanted to try something different, so they invited Rachel to join them and decided to try writing a song. “That’s where we got the idea for actually starting the band. We made our first song together that night and just released it with a music video.”

Rachel says the song was born out of a kind of remorse in her relationship with God. “I’d just turned to Him in the hard times and forgotten Him in the good times. I felt that wave of God’s mercy washing over me and the flood gates opened up. It was just a conversation with God about returning to Him.”

Their newest release, ‘Belong’ is a song that comes from the band’s desire to see Christian unity, and their belief that there is much more that unites us than divides us. “Having grown up in our own religious traditions and in experiencing so many different things over the years, it’s been really eye opening to see the need for unity. There is just a yearning in us to see harmony among Christians and to encourage people to be a part of the Christian community, whatever that looks like for them.”

We hope that we can pass on what it looks like to have that personal relationship with Christ

The trio love performing and being able to connect with so many people they’ve never met before. “Being able to reach people with our messages gives us a feeling of mission, of what we’re supposed to be doing. The thing about having faith-based music is that we really believe it’s a message that needs to get out there.”

They also believe it’s important to focus on music that encourages a personal connection with Christ. “It’s almost like we’re trying to convey the way that we pray or the conversations we have with God. We hope that we can pass on what it looks like to have that personal relationship with Christ. We hope that our music can be authentic in a way that it just reaches normal people.”

Over the past few months, the band has had the opportunity to play at numerous festivals, and to meet some of their favourite artists. “There are famous people that we’ve actually met and talked to. People like Stan Walker we got to meet at Fairfield studios a month or two ago. That was amazing. We also got to open for Lauren Daigle.”

Dom says they’ve got an album set to be released in the next couple of months, and then a new single coming up which is actually more electronic. “We just finished the vocals in it, and we’re excited for everyone to hear it.”

‘The Sations’ say they always want their music to reflect the rawness and beauty of life. They write from the heart, and do not shy away from the harsh realities of love and faith. They recently won first prize in the Christian category of the International Song Writing Competition, and look forward to continuing to connect people to God through their music.