Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

The roller-coaster ride of life (1)

The roller-coaster ride of life (1)
‘He has made everything appropriate in its time…’ Ecclesiastes 3:11 NAS

So, if you were God, what would you do? Snap your fingers and wham! Those pimples would be gone forever. Clap your hands, and hey presto! A six-pack stomach in place of that flabby mid-riff. Blink your eyes, and that miserable drizzly weather changes to perfect sunshine. Well, guess what? Check your birth certificate or passport; you’re not God! And if you’re not the perfect author of the universe, chances are that you’re prone to the odd zit or two; you’re likely to sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter. That’s life. It’s just the way it is.
On a more serious note, there might be some pretty nasty stuff you’re going through at the moment and you just wish that God would snap His fingers and it would all vanish into thin air. But hey, you know life doesn’t work like that. Thing is, God isn’t a vending machine. You don’t place your prayer into the slot and instantly get your wish out the bottom. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt us from life’s hassles. Actually, Jesus sort of promised the opposite: ‘…on earth you will have many trials…’ (John 16:33 NLT) But here’s the good news. If you’re experiencing a bit of a cold season in your life at the moment, it won’t always be so chilly. The sunny times are always just around the corner. Why? Because there’s a season for everything.

SoulFood: Jer 31-32, Luke 4:1-13, Ps 98, Pr 14:34

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