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Discipling or working with youth? Let us help you!

First up, you’re amazing! We love what you do and would love to help. You’re working as hard as you can to help your young people grow spiritually but there’s only so much you can do. You need all the help you can get right?

V180 is a tool to help your ministry be more effective, a 24/7 supply line of God’s truth presented in a way they’ll catch it and let it permeate their thinking.

We’re here to support the work you’re already doing – here’s how;

  • Ask us for bulk copies of V180 Magazine to give to your young people – use the devotional studies with them & encourage them to get into the habit each day at home.
  • Get them listening to V180 Radio at our website or via the free Vision Christian Media app
  • Share the other helpful content on our site with them on social media.
  • Let them know about Vision Christian Prayer – available anytime on 1800 PrayForMe (1800 772 936), by txt on 0401 132 888 or here at our website.
  • Get them to friend us on Facebook and be part of the growing community of Jesus followers doing a ‘180’ on culture!


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We’re looking for great communicators who can help us create content across all media platforms. If you think you can help, please contact us.

V180 is part of Vision Christian Media – a non profit charity funded by donations. We want to make our ministry freely available but reality is that it comes at a cost which we need to cover, so if you’re able, we’d also welcome your ongoing financial support. Click here to donate. (its tax deductible!)