Anticipation is building across Australia’s Christian radio stations as we prepare for the Take Away Hunger Day appeal. This initiative is designed to change thousands of young lives through a partnership with Feed the Hungry.

August 24 is the day the campaign to listeners will begin, with an appeal on-air and online to give a gift to feed refugee children in Uganda.

Empowering Change, One Meal at a Time

Living in refugee camps, children have been uprooted by the ongoing violence in South Sudan. Many are still struggling to survive, facing hunger on a daily basis. A donation of just $6 can feed a child living in poverty for an entire month.

Feed The Hungry’s strategy ensures that every donation provides a daily meal within school-based programs. This means that children don’t need to worry about where their next meal is coming from, and no longer have to choose between school and food.

Filling Hearts with Faith and Love

Your support enables these children to embrace childhood again, with the security of knowing that their most basic needs are being met. As part of the Every Child Every Day program, your contribution can help provide food for over 430,000 children daily!

Through Feed the Hungry’s efforts, these young minds encounter more than just food – they encounter a God who loves them unconditionally.

Every contribution on Take Away Hunger Day not only gives children in need a meal right now, but continues to have a lasting impact on their future and their lives.

Your support is helping shape dreams and nourishing futures for refugee children! $6 will feed a child for an entire month. How many children can you feed? Click here to donate now!