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by Bob and Debby Gass

Spread the Joy

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God given joy not only makes you feel good, it also makes you strong! ‘The joy of the Lord is your strength’ (Nehemiah 8:10 NIV). So, it’s important to build yourself up with things that are going to help joy grow in your heart. How do you cultivate a life that’s full of joy? Here are some tips: a) sing. Singing songs can make us feel happy or sad depending on what the song is about, but if you sing a song about God and how great he is, that will not only bless God but make you feel good too! (Psalms 33:1) b) chat. Spend time talking to God. Make time to get to know Him. Why? Listen ‘you will fill me with joy in your presence’ (Psalms 16:11 NIV). When you’re in His presence (ie having a special God-moment) He crams your heart with love, joy, peace and loads of other good stuff too! c) chill. Be someone who is a peace maker. Don’t be someone who picks fights and always has to have the last word. God promises, ‘Joy for those who promote peace’ (Proverbs 12:20 NIV) 4) smile. ‘A cheerful look brings joy to the heart’ (Proverbs 15:30 NIV). A smile is a powerful thing. If someone looks at you funny, it can make you feel really pants, so don’t walk around looking like you’re chewing a wasp! As you give joy to other people you’ll be amazed at how much happiness you experience in your own life. A famous poet once said, ‘To have joy one must share it’. So go on, spread some Joy around today!

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