Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

Seeing God in your everyday life

When?he turned aside?God called to him.

Exodus 3:4
A pastor writes: ?You can be in the midst of a common moment, only this time the activity is filled with the presence of God. When in the middle of your harried day you notice something unusual?your first reaction might be, ?I?m too tired to investigate?I?m not going to disrupt my life.? Yet in that moment you may have the opportunity for a unique encounter with God. When you see the unusual in the midst of the mundane, don?t continue business-as-usual. God may have ordained that moment to be life-changing for you and those around you.? It was business-as-usual for Moses the day he noticed the burning bush, an event that probably wasn?t uncommon in the hot desert. The really strange thing was this time the bush kept burning. And ?when?he turned aside to look, God called to him.? You might not have considered this possibility before but the greatest Spiritual experiences can happen right in the middle of your everyday life ? if you?re open to a divine interruption. In Luke 10, Mary rejected her traditional cultural role as a woman who would’ve been expected to serve a visiting teacher, so that she could tune into Jesus’ words of life. Meanwhile her sister Martha couldn’t break out of the way she thought she was expected to act. Martha’s ‘kitchen agenda’ made it almost impossible for her to be impacted by his words of life. Mary took a risk by being willing to break out of the ordinary. What did Jesus say when Martha complained about her sister’s ‘disrespect’? QUOTE: ‘She has chosen what is better.’ We can see from both Moses and Mary that whatever the situation; if we’re alone or if other people are around we can still have a holy moment. Are you so busy working on your ?to-do list? that it would take fire from heaven to get your attention?

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