Sam Wesley is a Christian artist and songwriter whose music expresses faith, hope, and love. His songs resonate with millions of people around the world, from all walks of life.

Sam’s lyrics convey deep emotion and spiritual connection, as he crafts his music in a way that speaks to our souls.

His songs offer us a powerful reminder that no matter what our circumstances look like, God is always there to bring us back home to Him. Sam is also the son of MercyMe front man Bart Millard, and the connection between father and son is an inspiring example of how music can bring us closer together.

Sam’s appreciation for his father and the music he created developed as Sam grew up.  With help from others in the industry, he was able to better understand how music could be used to bring people closer together. Sam understood the music that his father was making had a profound impact on others.

At some point we all go our own way and need a refresh… [John 3:16] is just a great verse to come back to

‘As a kid,’ says Sam, ‘I just kind of fell in love with music. My dad and I have the same passion and above all things, it’s just been great to grow our relationship.’

Sam believes that it’s important for him to find a healthy balance between writing and performing. ‘You go back and forth and it’s important to keep that rhythm. But I love doing both. Especially if I’m writing something that I think will impact people.’

Sam’s latest song, California Gold, speaks of his desire to spread the Gospel through music without seeking fame. ‘There’s a bigger purpose, and a realisation of what we’re doing it for. It’s not just about dancing around on stage. There has to be a meaning.’

For Sam, having like-minded, faith-filled people around him as he grew up, has given him a unique outlook on life. These people not only encouraged him, but supported him in his spiritual journey. It was those relationships that empowered Sam to use music to spread the Gospel.

Sam says that for most of his life, John 3:16 has been his go to Bible verse. ‘It’s a great reminder for everyone. At some point we all go our own way and need a refresh. This is just a great verse to come back to.’

Sam is set to release new music later this year that will continue bringing together faith and music. With this latest collection of songs, Sam continues to explore how God shapes our lives.

‘God and music go hand in hand for me,’ says Sam. ‘Music has always been a powerful force in my life and it’s how I want to spread the Gospel.’