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In the beginning of his music career, Nitro X won over music fans by recording and self-producing new, fresh music. He makes his own style by mixing catchy pop melodies with tracks that are produced in a creative and delicate way. He already has 600,000 Spotify streams at the age of just 16!

Nitro-X has always loved making music. As a young child, he recalls his dad setting up a little recording studio, where he would make music at every opportunity. Nitro and his friend Tristan originally made music for fun, before becoming more serious about it.

Nitro’s dad did mixing and designed an audio system for the family’s church. ‘He taught me a lot about all the audio stuff,’ he says.  ‘Having a studio at home was really a blessing because it made everything accessible.  I started getting into it more and making songs and that’s where things really took off and started to sound professional.’

One of Nitro’s good friends helped him come up with the name Nitro-X. ‘We thought it sounded cool,’ he says. ‘It’s a good name. There was nothing else like it, and that is really helpful for branding and standing out.’

A Deeper Meaning

But after looking into what exactly Nitro-X meant, they discovered a deeper meaning. It’s actually a diving liquid and is a special way that you can use oxygen. ‘I thought that was really interesting,’ he says. ‘I started to connect that with God being our breath and breathing into creation. Those kinds of things are now part of my brand.’

Nitro listened to a lot of music, and ended up sending Matthew Parker one of his demo’s. ‘I kept sending it every month,’ he says. ‘He probably got really annoyed but eventually he launched a remix contest on his SoundCloud page. That’s how things really started to take off for me. I got second place in that contest.’

Matthew has since become a mentor to Nitro and helped him get to the stage he’s now at in his career. Because he’s never really been a singer, it was hard for Nitro to find vocalists to work with as a producer. Particularly as he is so young and just starting out.

‘Matthew really gave me a way to network with other Christian artists and producers,’ says Nitro. ‘It was really nice to have people to work with, but it usually takes a while to find someone who has time. I mostly reach out to different circles of artists who work with each other to try and find someone that way.’

Nitro’s advice for anyone interested in remixing and producing is to just keep working on it. ‘Work on your stuff for a year or two,’ he says. ‘Put it on SoundCloud because you can get feedback and comments. Really work at your craft, and doing remix competitions is also really good.’

Nitro says that he is picky when it comes to re-mixing. ‘I have to know that I can take the song in a certain direction,’ he says. ‘I really like taking a song that has a vibe and then steering it in a completely new melodic and dynamic direction. I find it really creative because I can take a song and make it into something entirely new.’

Nitro decided in the last year that he wanted to focus more on Christian songs. ‘I have this idea for maybe a two-part EP,’ he says. ‘Where it goes through a relationship and then afterward talks about moving on from difficult things in life.’

‘God is always there,’ says Nitro. ‘And He’s more important than things in the world.’

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