Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

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‘The Lord gave him success in everything he did.’

Genesis 39:3
To succeed at anything, there are four things you must have: 1. Morals: These days many people are prepared to do anything to get what they want. That’s not living God’s way. The Christian’s life is sometimes described as the ‘narrow way’; Jesus in particular used that kind of language. We know from the way Jesus spoke to the religious leaders that He wasn’t big on rules, but that doesn’t mean He spoke an ‘anything goes’ message. Far from it. Jesus showed that God wants us to honour Him by using our freedom of choice to live right. 2. Methods: Your methods are the way you handle all the different situations that life throws at you. Are you like a mechanic with only a hammer in your toolbox? That’s OK if all you do is knock nails but what if you come across a bolt? Especially when it comes to dealing with people. We need to learn that there are lots of different ways to handle a situation. What seemed helpful to that person yesterday may have the person you deal with today in floods of tears! 3. Means: We use a special word to describe the means of God helping us: provision. It can always be found following a God-given vision. That just leaves the question, ‘Where is your vision from?’ 4. Management: Jesus said, ‘From the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.’ (Luke 12:48) Some people don’t ever really use the gifts that God gives them. That’s totally tragic! Management is all about getting people working and guess who your biggest management challenge will be? Yourself!

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