For musician Leanna Crawford, nature has always been a constant companion.

Growing up near the water and mountains, Leanna often took long walks talking to God and discovering more about Him and herself. She says that being outside always helped her feel closer to Him.

Leanna’s connection with creation inspired her latest collection of songs filled with heartfelt vocals based on God’s faithfulness. Leanna also drew on the personal seasons of her life, and as a natural storyteller her journals are filled with details of her faith journey from the time she was old enough to record it.

As well as being excited about her new music, Leanna is also recently engaged and couldn’t be happier. ‘I’m just so grateful. I’ve been working on all this music, and he’s been just an incredible support. He’s helping with all the wedding planning too.’

Leanna’s song, “Before I Knew Jesus”, is something that is very special to her. ‘This song is really about God’s faithfulness and in my life,’ she says. ‘My personal story with Jesus isn’t some crazy testimony. I met Him when I was four.  I’m not saying my life was perfect, but I’ve been able to look back and see His faithfulness every single day, and the people in my life that have encouraged me to pursue him.’

Leanna believes that Jesus is always pursuing us, whether we know Him yet or now. ‘I think it’s just incredible, the love that He has for us.  I see that in my life so often, this love that I do not deserve. Even though I was a believer at four years old, I’ve been on a journey and I need His faithfulness in every part of my life.’

Don’t be afraid, because God is with you wherever you go

Leanna hopes when people hear “Before I Knew Jesus”, they understand that it doesn’t matter whether their story is like hers, or if they have their own wild testimony to share.

‘I feel like I learn more about Him all the time,’ says Leanna, ‘and His faithfulness in our lives. Don’t underestimate your testimony.  We each have these incredible stories, and whether you’re 4 or 40 there’s no going back from the day you meet Jesus.’

One Bible verse that Leanna has carried with her all her life is Joshua 1:9. She says being strong and courageous and having a community is just so important. ‘I’ve talked so much about God’s faithfulness in my life, and then that verse is literally, don’t be afraid, because God is with you wherever you go.’

Leanna says that in seasons where she’s anxious or worried, she knows God’s plan is always perfect and He works things out for our good. ‘I don’t always feel the most strong,’ says Leanna. ‘But I know that I don’t have to be, because God is with me.’

Leanna’s track, Simple is a guitar ballad that showcases her raw, emotional voice, is a deeply personal song. ‘I tend to overcomplicate Jesus and His love for me,’ she shares. ‘But God’s love is simple. He’s for me and He loves me.’


Leanna’s songs tell the story of Jesus’s faithfulness in every season of her life. With each song, she hopes that people can experience the love of God and know His heart—there is no such thing as too far gone with God.

Listen to Leanna’s latest invertiew from V180 radio below:

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