Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

Kill the worry bug


One day a scientist asked an old preacher how come the Bible version of creation defied logic. Smiling, he replied, ‘The reason God came from nowhere is because there wasn’t anywhere for Him to come from. And coming from nowhere He stood on nothing, for there was nowhere for Him to stand. And standing on nothing He reached out where there was nowhere to reach, and caught something when there was nothing to catch. Then He hung that something on nothing and told it to stay there, and nobody said a word, because there wasn’t anybody around to say anything. Then God said to Himself, ‘that’s good!” Did you get that? Its part of our God-given nature to try and figure things out, the only problem is we’re not as clever as we think we are! King Solomon said ‘Don’t assume that you know it all,’ or you’ll find out the hard way that you don’t! One Christian writes: ‘I…couldn’t feel at peace. Unless I’d everything figured out…I became anxious, restless, nervous, worried and grouchy…similar to…a drug addict who needs a "fix"; the severity wasn’t the same but the symptoms were. I was a Christian and supposedly walked by faith…I trusted Jesus for salvation, but in other areas I trusted myself.’ Sound familiar? When you worry it just shows you’ve got the ‘I trust my way, not God’s way’ sickness. Jeremiah said, ‘Mere mortals can’t run their own lives…men and women don’t have what it takes’ (Jeremiah 10:23 TM). So stop trying to control every thing! Life is much more peaceful when you decide to stand on God’s Word and trust Him, regardless of how you feel!

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