Former Disney star Kevin Quinn is determined to use his mainstream appeal to share the message of the Gospel. Kevin recently released his new single, ‘Wildfire’, which he hopes will inspire his followers to put their faith in Jesus.

Like most of us, Kevin has had to adapt to the disruptions caused by Covid. He’s relieved to be coming out the other side now, and performing live music again. It’s something that he’s missed, and he says it’s such a blessing to make music about Jesus.

“This is something that I’ve always wanted to do,” says Kevin. “I never felt like there was a specific turning point when it went from hobby to career. I did American Idol when I was 15, but ironically, it led to an acting career first. But music was always my first love.”

Kevin says that even though music is his passion, some things are timing and he knew God wanted him to act as well. He was able to do projects that brought a lot of joy to people. Working for the Disney Channel earned him a following of kids who loved the character he played.

life is about time itself and how we choose to spend that time.

“I feel like it’s all been orchestrated for me,” Kevin says. “I am so grateful to be doing what I’m doing and I’ve loved every second of it. Whether it’s acting or music, being able to express myself creatively is really fulfilling.”

Kevin loves combining singing and acting projects, and says they spread so much light and positivity. He’s also just finished recording his EP, ‘It’s About Time.’ Writing and recording the music he has always wanted to make, and the fact that people are hearing it and falling in love with it, means the world to him.

The main message that Kevin is trying to get across in his music is how fragile life can be, and that we take so much for granted. No matter what happens, every single day is a blessing and it should always be looked at as half-full.

“As cliché as it sounds, I was going for the whole carpe diem seize the day idea,” Kevin says. “But I wanted to make it in a way that was more unique. It’s a reminder that life is about time itself and how we choose to spend that time.”

Throughout the pandemic, Kevin felt like those messages and songs were really relevant. And as someone who has dealt with grief and loss himself, it’s not always easy. It took losing a couple of friends along the way for Kevin to realise that maybe he was taking some things for granted.

“I wasn’t using each minute in the way that I should have been,” he says. “And that’s OK, because we all make mistakes. We have regrets. But there’s one thing that we can do, and that is change. One of my favourite things about life is that every day is a new opportunity.”

One of the themes Kevin wants people to hear in his EP is the rediscovery of light and brightness in dark times. His song, ‘Wildfire’ is a metaphor for diving back into a life that you can always count on, even when you’re at your worst.

Kevin says all the lyrics remind us of the idea that when it’s brightest in the dark, it’s God’s love that burns like a light. “It’s just something that is accountable and reliable. And even if you don’t think it’s there, it is.”

“God will never leave you, and His love will get you through the toughest of times. I just hope that through my music, I can bring people that message, along with a bit of joy.”