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Jonas Myrin began his musical career as a composer in London in the early 2000s. Since then, he has written 13 chart-topping songs and won two Grammy Awards for the song 10,000 Reasons, which he co-wrote with Matt Redman. Jonas’ music crosses numerous genres, and he believes it has a message for everyone.

Jonas grew up in Sweden and Africa to missionary parents. His dad was a photographer and writer, and together with his mother, they ministered around Africa, Russia, Iceland and Lapland. From a young age, Jonas travelled the world, but music was always his passion.

‘Writing and serving through song was my favourite way to use the gift that God has given me,’ says Jonas. ‘When I was 18, I moved to London, where I met Natasha Bedingfield, who is still one of my best friends. She was the Hillsong worship leader back then.’

Jonas started working with Natasha, and that became the beginning of his musical journey. As a teenager, Jonas fell in love with writing songs of purpose for the kingdom. Almost 20 years later, he is grateful to still be doing what he loves.

‘My favourite moment is when I’m standing in the back of a church or a concert,’ says Jonas. ‘I see these songs that I have written in my own devotional time; my own testimony songs that suddenly travel to the ends of the world when people make them their own.’

For Jonas, the beautiful part of songwriting is being part of that moment where he’s able to give and equip other singers. He likes the idea that it’s God who gets the glory. ‘I think it’s dangerous when we give too much glory to a specific person. I don’t think we’re created to be worshipped. We’re created to worship.’

Songwriting definitely has its challenges, and Jonas says that sometimes the songs just flow right out of you. Other times it can be a wrestle. 10,000 Reasons, which he co-wrote with Matt Redman, is one of those songs that Jonas believes came to them as writers and not from them.

‘In the Psalms, David was always being very raw and vulnerable in his writing,’ says Jonas. ‘That’s what songwriting is for me. I’ve always wanted to use songwriting as a way to express my heart. But it’s a language for prayer as well.’

Three years ago, Jonas was working on an album for Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles and she offered him some words of encouragement. ‘She told me I was not just a songwriter. She said I was an artist, and that the world needed to hear my voice.’

After that incredible moment, Jonas felt like God was encouraging him to step out. His song, Mountains, was inspired by the scripture in Matthew 17:20, which says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move.


‘That Scripture really stuck with me,’ says Jonas. ‘I was going through a hard time myself and I thought, other people feel this too. They need encouragement to have faith. We’ve gone through so much in the world with the pandemic, and I felt like this song was an anthem of hope.’

Jonas has been in the unique position over the years to reach both secular and Christian audiences, and believes he has a responsibility to share God’s love with as many people as possible. ‘That’s what we have to remember,’ says Jonas.

‘God loves the world. He loves all of us, whether we already know Him or are yet to know Him. We have a perfect God that loves unconditionally, and that’s the message I’m trying to spread through my music.’

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