Dami Im came to Australia’s attention in 2013 when she was announced as the winner of the X Factor. She released her self-titled album, which debuted at #1 on the charts and was a platinum seller. Her next four studio albums became top ten charting albums with hits including Alive, Super Love and Gladiator.

In 2016, Dami’s career received a massive boost when she earned the highest score ever achieved by an Australian in Eurovision, earning her second place with her song, Sound of Silence. It charted 38 countries across the globe, gaining her international status as a musician.

Was Dami an overnight success? Hardly. What people don’t see is the incredibly hard work and sacrifice behind the scenes that started when Dami Im began learning to play the piano at age five. The dedication and perseverance to master her craft were eventually rewarded to make her one of Australia’s most successful and respected artists.

Always Feeling ‘In Between’

Dami Im has just released her new album called In Between. Vision Christian Media were privileged to have Dami visit for an interview with DJ and Bel on Rise and Shine and record a Vision session where she sang a special version of Amazing Grace.

There have been a lot of changes in Dami’s life since her win on the X Factor ten years ago. One of those was welcoming her son, Harrison, into the world. Dami said that while motherhood has been a big change in her life, she feels that her latest album was called In Between because she’s felt that being ‘in between’ has always been a theme in her life since she was a young girl.

‘I worked on this album throughout my pregnancy,’ said Dami. ‘I wasn’t aiming to do anything in particular other than to just write, but it ended up becoming an album about a change in season. I was going to have a baby, and that was really an emotionally challenging process and transition. So, In Between is about that ‘in between’ transition. I actually listed the songs on the album in the order that they were written. That’s why it goes from being very angsty and angry about the world, to acceptance, and then at the end, it’s realising that life is about the ‘in between’. So, it’s been quite the journey.’

Dami’s In Between album cover depicts her wearing bits of hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit, although she’s not wearing it in the traditional way. For example, she’s also wearing other things, has dots on her face and has her hair out.

‘Traditionally, Korean people don’t wear their hair out when they’re wearing a hanbok,’ said Dami.

The album cover represents being ‘in between’ and celebrates and explores Dami’s Korean background and the beautiful costumes and traditions of Korean culture.

‘I’ve been ‘in between’ being Korean and Australian and kind of not fitting in. And, I’ve grown up in the church, being very Christian, to now working outside of the church and sort of feeling like I’m in between there as well,’ said Dami.

Navigating a Secular Industry as a Christian

Dami has her challenges as a Christian working in a secular industry. Some Christians have questioned why she’s not singing Christian songs, to which she’s rationalised that it’s like asking a Christian working in a secular job why they aren’t working in a Christian organisation. She found that surrounding herself with Christians who understand her challenges has been a great support to her.

‘I just want to be a faithful Christian and do a really good job at being a musician and a performer. But I won’t do things that I feel God doesn’t want me to do,’ said Dami. ‘I’ve always felt this pressure to be this perfect woman. I’ve always felt like people wanted me to be this girl in a flowy dress with a beautiful baby, not too much makeup and who says really nice things. I’ve felt that pressure for the longest time, even before I became a TV personality.’

Dami praises the support she gets from her husband, Noah, and her parents, who help look after baby Harrison when she’s on tour.

To find out more about Dami and her upcoming tours, visit her website at DAMI IM.

Destiny Rescue

Apart from her passion for music, Dami has a heart for helping people and has signed up to be the Ambassador for Destiny Rescue, an organisation that rescues children from sex trafficking.

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