Grace Graber is a talented Christian Rock artist based in Nashville in the USA. Her passion for music was ignited after a song saved her life and she has since been committed to using her music to positively impact others.

Struggling with PTSD and depression since she was 12 years old, Grace is passionate about helping others who are facing similar challenges, especially within the church community.

Despite being employed in the beauty industry, Grace pursued music after beauty school in 2019 and her dedication and talent won her a company-wide songwriting competition. Her debut EP, In My Head, was released independently in 2021, and is a testament to her resilience and commitment.

Grace has always had a curiosity about the power of music, especially since it made such an impact on her personally. She credits a song by Hawk Nelson as literally being the thing that saved her life when she was just 13 years old.

‘I was going through a very traumatic time as a teenager after being bullied for my faith,’ says Grace. ‘Music convinced me that I wasn’t alone. I discovered more about myself through this journey, and basically what people are watching is my healing process.’

Like other musicians, such as original Hawk Nelson singer Jason Dunn, who have modelled a life of honesty and devotion, Grace also hopes to be a positive influence by sharing her own struggles. She believes that it is indeed possible to overcome brokenness.

That’s why when Grace wrote the testimony song This One’s For You, she felt that having Jason Dunn guest feature would bring it all full circle. ‘I’m literally singing my story with the person who saved my life,’ she says.

Grace says that a key breakthrough for her has been surrendering the need to understand. ‘We were born into a fallen world,’ she says. ‘I am not the version of me that’s going to be in heaven. The way I keep Jesus in the centre is knowing He is King; His Word is truth and understanding that He is sacred and holy.’

Grace knows a lot of people get frustrated when praying for breakthroughs, but what if God is up to something bigger than we could ever imagine? ‘I think we need to sit in that wonder and change our perspective a little bit instead of being so focussed on an answer,’ she says.

But we also can’t deny the reality of what we’re feeling. It’s ok to be sad and acknowledge that what we’re going through is really tough. ‘Allow God to shape the perspective,’ Grace says. ‘Think of your best moments and think about how things can get better.’

‘It just gets me so excited for the community in Heaven,’ she says. ‘We’re going to be our perfect selves, and we’re not going to have to worry about anything like this.’

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