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We’d all love a time machine. To go to the future or correct past mistakes would be tempting, but mainly so we would never have to be blind-sided by life again.

In Jeremiah, the Israelites were blind to the power of God, and instead turned to idols.

But why would anyone turn away from God? The unfortunate truth is that we all do it. We decide that our own desires are far better than God’s. We decide in times of uncertainty to give in to our doubts, rather than cling to the truth of the Bible.

What would we have done differently if we’d known there was a pandemic coming?

Would we have started developing a vaccine earlier? Gone out more? Spent more time with loved ones? Would we have pursued more opportunities? Those questions are impossible to answer because we didn’t know. But God did.
We sometimes choose to be blind. Eve chose to be blind to the greatness of the God, who not only made her, but walked beside her. Why do we choose blindness when we could see? Because we’re afraid.

We need to look at the world through God’s perspective and not our own.

Charles Spurgeon said, “I have a great need for Christ. I have a great Christ for my need.” God promises sight to those who believe, through the amazing redeeming work of Jesus Christ!

God is everywhere. He is opening His arms for us to run into. He leads us to beautiful fields and golden rooms. But we won’t see it unless we open our eyes to the beauty of our God and to the salvation that gives sight to the blind.
Too often during the past couple of years, many of us have looked away from God and tried in vain to undo the damage that Covid has done to our lives.

We turn towards restoring our plans and goals, instead of finding peace in God.

The Lord’s purpose is this pandemic right now. He is working through these times in ways that we can never understand. He is convicting us of sin we were blind to and making us look to Him as the One we can trust.
God sees every moment of our lives. Even better, He gives us a glimpse of the view. In the Bible, He tells us the beginning and He tells us the end. He even tells us the special parts in the middle.

When we walk with Him, we can see.

We don’t need a time machine when we have the God who controls time. With Him, our eyes will be open, and we won’t be blindsided by life. In Him, we can experience the blessings of His glory forever.

Stop looking for the time machine. Instead look to God and be truly blessed by the view.