Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

‘Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find?’ Proverbs 20:6 NIV

A new employee once asked a co-worker, ‘How long have you been working for the company?’ He replied, ‘Ever since the boss threatened to fire me!’ Seriously, employers scramble to find workers who are faithful and dependable. Students rely on their teachers to faithfully teach them instead of letting struggling students fall through the cracks. In relationships, we should be faithful in our commitment to the friendship. The truth is, without faithfulness, your influence will be restricted or wiped out. Without faithfulness, the total of all your other wonderful talents is diluted. Faithfulness turns the common into the miraculous and transforms ordinary individuals into dependable achievers.

Wise King Solomon asked this soul-searching question: ‘Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find?’ The world wants people who are faithful. There are more than 300 hot springs in Yellowstone National Park (approximately half the known hot springs in the world). But one stands above the others. It’s not the largest, and its waters don’t reach the greatest height, but it’s by far the most popular. And its popularity is due solely to one thing – its dependability. People stand in long lines under the hot sun to see it because, according to a precise schedule, it shoots a stream of boiling water more than 120 feet into the air. You can nearly set your watch by it. That’s why it’s called Old Faithful. People are attracted to our faithfulness. God is glorified by our faithfulness. So, in all you do this day, practise faithfulness.

SoulFood: Deut 11-13 Mark 2:23-3:6 Ps 78:65-72 Pro 17:1-2

word4today an adaptation of The Word For Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright 2024

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