2020 was rough year for most people, but particularly for those in arts and music. For Elle Limebear, who was on tour in America at the time, it was even more challenging to try and get home to the UK.

‘We all had to pivot and adapt. Everything got cancelled, and it just very chaotic. In the beginning we assumed it would only be for a few weeks. But we ended up getting the last flight home to UK and went into lockdown pretty much as soon as we landed. All of our work went; my husband is my manager so everything was gone. We had no other job, but we were so grateful for time at home.’

Elle says it wasn’t long before they needed something to do.

‘We started our little business Brighton in a Box. We box up local goods and send them around to anyone who needs them. Life has changed a lot, but we are getting to bless our city and getting to know people and businesses. It hasn’t been easy, but all in all we are grateful for it.’

Elle admits it’s a big faith tester when your whole life is stripped away from you.

‘We have to surrender to God in all circumstances. That is always a good thing and I have learned to love those moments when I’m not in control. Thank goodness God knows what’s best and the timing of things! Being in the quiet with God is always special. He’s the best person to talk to and cry out to. We serve a brilliant God.’

Elle grew up always knowing God and shares a little of what it was like having a childhood surrounded by musicians.

‘I have the fondest memories. We used to tour a lot in the United States, and it was a really special thing. The band members of ‘Delirious?’ were all my uncles, so we were five big families touring together. It was constant sleepovers and lots of junk food! As kids it was heaven, and so amazing to grow up in an atmosphere where God’s presence was so welcome. It was so significant for my faith and I never had a doubt about God. My eyes were widened from a very young age.’

Elle reflects that there were some hard times too, particularly when her dad had to leave them behind. It was tough for her mum raising six kids alone, and there were lots of highs and lots of lows. But she credits those times as the reason she is so close to her siblings today.

‘When I was seven years old, I remember being in my room and just simply kneeling down and asking Jesus to come into to my life. It seems so young, but I remember it clearly and it was such a beautiful moment. I had been exposed to so much and I really wanted this for myself. My parents always told us that we had to come to know Jesus for ourselves, and not just hold on to their faith. Then at 13 I had a tangible Holy Spirit moment at school and He just showed up.’

Elle admits that she didn’t always want to write music and be a musician.

‘It wasn’t my childhood dream. I knew that I loved worship and I loved church, but I never wanted anyone to hear me sing. It was encouragement from people in my life that eventually opened my eyes to singing. My first career was as a photographer, but the Lord had other things planned. I ended up playing keys and toured a bit with my dad, but it was in 2017 at the Outcry Tour, that I really felt the presence of God strongly. He told me to trust Him and watch what He would do.’

Elle says that God gathered a team around her, and the doors just started opening. It was all the Lord. There was no striving, just a confidence and belief that she had something to say.

Now Elle is excited to release her first album, Lost in Wonder.

One of her first songs, What Love Looks Like, is especially close to her heart.

‘I really wanted to write a song about love. Jesus dying on the cross is the most lavish love we will ever experience, it’s constant and eternal, not seasonal. It cuts through everything else.’

The album also includes another powerful song, Call on Your Name.

‘This song is about calling on the name of Jesus. Sometimes all you can do is say His name. It’s the Name above all names.’

Things change when we call on the name of Jesus. Remember to keep calling on His name, whatever the situation. There is so much power in that.

Elle Limebear Vision180 Interview – 13 March 2021