Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

Discover your destiny


1 PETER 4:11 NIV
Destiny. It’s a mysterious kind of word isn’t it? It somehow hides the answers to life’s most difficult questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing? Where should I be going? So how on earth do you even begin to get an impression of what yours might be? 1) You need to get an idea of what somebody in tune with their destiny looks like. What are the common features? You’ll probably notice that their motivation is high. They have amazing endurance to overcome obstacles. They are growing and learning. There’s real joy in what they do. 2) Look at your own ‘raw material’. God has given you a certain temperament and a range of talents. What stirs your compassion? What ignites your passion? (Sometimes the problem that infuriates you most is the problem you were born to solve.) When do you feel most fulfilled? There’s a big difference between doing something because you believe God’s called you to it, and doing what your parents, your friends or your ego wants you to do. 3) What are your obvious limitations? Knowing what you’re called to do often starts with discovering what you’re not called to do. When you can accept your limitations, you’re getting much closer to the true path of your destiny. So let’s be clear: you have a God-given destiny. You need to seek it with an open mind. That’s going to mean being ruthlessly open to the truth about yourself. Your destiny is something you discover, not something you choose. And remember, the Holy Spirit wants to guide you into it so be sure to follow where He leads.

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