Australian Christian rapper D4C is a veteran of the music scene, making waves with his unique sound and sincere lyrics.

As an artist, producer and engineer he has made his mark on the urban gospel scene in Australia.

D4C is known for his positivity and is a role model for the younger generation. He has used his musical gifts to bring comfort to those around him, and has had the privilege of speaking into the lives of many.

Through his lyrics, D4C shares words of grace, love and hope in a variety of settings across the globe, including concerts, festivals, conferences and churches. He is committed to bringing positivity wherever he can.

D4C explains that the name “Disciple 4 Christ” stems from his desire to use his musical talents to praise God. ‘God has really used music to build me up in my life, and I decided I wanted to glorify Him with it,’ he says.

D4C was brought up in a Christian household, and says a relationship with God always felt normal to him. But he came to a point on his early twenties where he felt he need to take a stand for this faith. ‘There was a moment where I knew it was time to dive in and go all out.’

D4C is also part of a ministry called “Krosswerdz”, a community that was built to reach people through Hip Hop primarily and to lend support and guidance. He is part of a group that travels around, spreading the Gospel.

‘We go to whatever places we can get into,’ says D4C. ‘Whether its churches with youth groups, juvenile detention centres or jails. We speak their language, and these days that language is hip hop. A lot of the team weren’t brought up as Christians, so they’ve got amazing stories
and testimonies.’

When it comes to his music, D4C says that God gives him the words. ‘A lot of it was it’s kind of like my therapy,’ he says. ‘Instead of venting and taking it out on people, I take it out on a piece of paper and just write.’

D4C faced a tough challenge in the past year, when he was diagnosed with diabetes and had to be hospitalised. The drastic changes he had to make to his lifestyle felt daunting, but thankfully he is starting to get back on track with the support of his family and friends.

‘I hadn’t written a song in a while,’ says D4C, ‘and I felt like I needed to do something before I had a mental breakdown. So I wrote this song called “Potholes”. It turned out to be a beautiful experience.’

D4C says that the way God speaks to him is through music, and that has helped him more than anything.  ‘Normally I don’t go out and listen to other people’s music because I’m so busy doing my own,’ he says. ‘But I started listening to a lot more Christian hip hop and worship music. It just really picked me up.’

D4C says going through some difficult times has taught him to never give up. ‘That’s the one thing I had to work on. I think now that I can overcome anything if I just give it all to God.’

‘Listening to worship music helps calm me, and I also pray a lot. I’ve realised that you’ve got to work on yourself. You can’t help other people unless you help yourself first.’