Word4Today Daily Bible Devotional

by Bob and Debby Gass

Be wise-prioritise (2)

Be wise-prioritise (2)
‘Oh, that they were wise…that they would consider their latter end!’ Deuteronomy 32:29 NKJ

In a survey, people over 90 were asked, ‘If you had your life to live over what would you do differently?’ Three answers constantly re-emerged: (a) I’d spend more time with my family and friends (b) I’d take more risks (c) I’d do things that would live on after I’m gone. Wisdom is the art of knowing what to ignore. Unimportant things steal too much of our time and we finish up living for the wrong reasons. When an Olympic gold medallist was asked the secret of his success he replied, ‘Planned neglect; until my training period is completed, I deliberately neglect everything else.’ If you react to every situation and say ‘yes’ to every request, you’ll never succeed in what you’re called to do. Paul had it figured out: ‘…The most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me…’ (Acts 20:24 NCV) What’s your ‘most important thing’? One of the most interesting stories to come from the Titanic disaster was of a wealthy woman who had a place in one of the lifeboats. Asking if she could return to her room for something, she was given three minutes. Stepping over money and precious gems littering her cabin floor, she grabbed three oranges and returned to the lifeboat. She knew what to ignore and what to grab. Be wise-prioritise!

SoulFood: Deut 11-13, Luke 10:13-24, Ps 78:17-31, Pr 16:26-30

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